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The Best media player is CORNPlayer
We will explain YouTube view / download feature added by this update.

1. Click on the playlist button at the bottom right after launching the CORNPlayer.

CORNPlayer Display
CORNPlayer Display


2. Click Youtube on the left side of the playlist window to go to the YouTube site.

Youtube in CORNPlayer
Youtube in CORNPlayer


3. Click the content you want to download and go to the content page.
Click the Download button in the upper right corner.
The file type to download is displayed and click Download movie.



4. Specify the folder to download, name the file, and click Save.

Save to youtube video
Save to youtube video

5.  This window will automatically disappear when downloading is complete and complete.

유튜브 다운로드 창

6.  It is over when you enjoy the downloaded file with the con player.


Play the CORNPlayer
Play the CORNPlayer

Easy and simple, right?
You can login and search YouTube on the CORNPlayer, so you can use it conveniently.
Then enjoy with Con player.

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